Re: [squid-users] Squid 3.2 Release Time Line

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2012 14:42:57 +1200

On 16/06/2012 11:20 a.m., Andrew Rogers wrote:
> Hello
> Where is the best place to find the current list of Major bugs for
> Squid showing the stoppers currently for 3.2? has the release state.

> How is progress going for 3.2 to be released some point this year?

Progressing, but slower than any of us want. There was a bug squashing
week a few months ago that closed several dozen older bugs. We are now
down to ~9 blocking stable release and around 40 others that need some
form of good attention.

> Will it be within the next couple of months, or longer?


If you are just looking whether you can use it or not, please try
running it. The base code of 3.2 is better than 3.1 in many ways. The
stabe release blocking bugs are all in specific new features of 3.2,
they do not currently affect Squid operation unless those new features
are configured. If you find any regression which does affect the old
squid behaviour, we woudl like to know about it prior to releasing 3.2
as stable.

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