Re: [squid-users] New open-source ICAP server mod for url rewriting and headers manipulation.

From: Eliezer Croitoru <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 23:27:29 +0300

well first i'm not such a huge programmer.
writing the code in ruby is very simple and e-cap will might be faster
and it can be a good idea to write some code for it.
if you have any example code i will be happy to hear about it.

java is not that bad as it seems to some people and GreasySpoon offers
so much:
simple interface + web interface
simple methods
simple logs
simple way to work with threads
embedding external classes and libs.

after all that the memory consumption is not that bad for a heavy load

but still my ruby simple server has nice interface to the user i have
moduled (not finished yet).
it's almost not consuming ram and cpu.
writing a module for my icap server is just about writing the full class
in only ruby, include it and run a simple matcher case to apply the
class method operation.

if you do ask me about caching post responses i would say that it's in
most cases not suppose to be cached and is a mechanism to send the
server forms and data.

about url_rewriting there is already a url_rewrite interface for squid
so it seems like a pointless operation to write new one at all.

the main reason i wrote it was because i needed an independent service
software and platform to work with for a high load proxy.
i can use one (or two redundant) icap server as a rewriting platform for
a whole proxy cluster but with the current cpu and ram usage of it i can
put it on the same server instead of on another machine.

i think that for any server to maintain a stress of above 900 requests
per second (with the usage of one fork when there is an option for more
with just a settings file, on an intel atom cpu) it will be an achievement.
the only reason i havn't tested it for more then 1024 request per second
stress is because i havn't had the time to tweak the machine\s
descriptors to more then the soft limit of 1024.
to make squid run without any cache.log errors i had to shutdown the
access.log writing.

more ideas for stress tests and if someone have a spare test environment
to spare some testing time for the software i will be happy.


On 14/06/2012 22:44, johan firdianto wrote:
> why you don't play with ecap ?. it should faster than icap.
> greasySpoon based on java, i'm not surprised consume much memory.
> with i/e-cap you could also cache post request by using respmod vector.

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