RE: [squid-users] Need help to configure MS Exchange RPC over HTTP

From: Ruiyuan Jiang <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2012 15:36:41 -0400

Hi, Amos

I tried squid v3.2.0.17 on a Redhat enterprise server v6.2, x86_64 and it did not work for NTLM authentication. I just kept getting user name and password prompt when I access the site after I put in the user name and password. In the squid log, it shows below two entries repetitively:

TCP_MISS/401 1672 GET - FIRSTUP_PARENT/ text/html

I used the option "--enable-ntlm-fail-open" when I compiled squid


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On 30.05.2012 03:11, Ruiyuan Jiang wrote:
> Thanks for the response Amos. Do you think is it worth to test it
> squid v3.2.x on my Solaris box for NTLM auth? I don't have any
> problem
> to test it out.

I think it is worth it. 3.2 is HTTP/1.1 and avoids all the HTTP/1.0
issues which may still crop up with 3.1.


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