[squid-users] Connection to webmail sites problem using more than one parent proxy

From: Sergio <ser.marchi_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 12:01:50 +0100

Hello Everybody,

We have this scenario:

We have proxy connected to internet trough 3 parent proxy

    | | |


We have trouble with some webmail sites ( eg. mail.tiscali.it) that don't
keep the connection on the session.
We have this problem when the proxy establishes the connection using all the
proxy serves.
If we use only a proxy server as parent the session is not missed.

This the localproxy configuration for the cache peers:

cache_peer parentproxy1.mydomain.it parent 3128 3130
cache_peer parentproxy2.mydomain.it parent 3128 3130
cache_peer parentproxy3.mydomain.it parent 3128 3130

we use squid 2.5 stable7 version for Windows.
The parent proxies use squid 2.5 stable7 for windows as well and go out
directly to Internet.
How can we override this problem?
Thank you in advance guys!



We also contacted the Tiscali customer care, but they didn't give us any
useful information!

Sergio Marchi
CED Dipartimento
D.C. Risorse Logistiche e Strumentali
Area VIII - Sistemi Informativi Automatizzati
06 46529594-221
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