Re: [squid-users] Disk Space problem in a squid-proxy server

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Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2008 18:12:16 -0400 (EDT)

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Can I reconfigure the current squid cache ?

If so please tell which all of the lines needs to changed so that the prxy
server can made runnable without much hindrance to the users of the proxy

Asli if the contens would get trasshed if the number of directories and
its sub-directories have been changed ?

If at all I change according to my requirement what should i set ?

As of noew the /var partition shows up the disk utilization as 96%.

At the most the squid server may run for another few hours and I am in a
dilemma as to what should I do make cache squeeze and make the squid run

Kindly help!!!!!!!
> Angela Williams wrote:
>> Have a look at your squid.conf file and look for this line
>> cache_dir
>> My one I have configured like this.
>> cache_dir aufs /data/squid 5000 15 256
>> To give 5G in /data/squid
>> If you change it you will need to trash the current cache and create new
>> with
>> squid -z
> This statement is only true if you change the number of directories,
> and/or sub-directories (the 15 and 256 in the example given). Changing
> the size of the cache (even shrinking it) only requires a "squid -k
> reconfigure". If the used disk space is greater than the allocation,
> objects will be purged until the size on disk is below the high water
> mark.
>> Cheers
>> Ang
> Chris
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