Re: [squid-users] Complicate ACL affect performance?

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 22:24:21 +0200

On tor, 2008-10-16 at 12:02 +0300, Henrik K wrote:

> Optimizing 1000 x "<randomstuff>" into a _single_
> "|and(om)?)|fuba[rz])" regex is nowhere near linear.
> Even if it's all random servers, there are only ~30 characters from which
> branches are created from.


Would be interesting to see how 50K dstdomain compares to 50k host
patterns merged into a single dstdomain_regex pattern in terms of CPU
usage. Probably a little tweaking of Squid is needed to support such
large patterns, but that's trivial. (squid.conf parser is limited to
4096 characters per line, including folding)


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