Re: Again about the getpwnam helper

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2006 17:35:25 +0200

ons 2006-06-07 klockan 12:25 -0300 skrev Giancarlo Razzolini:

> First i want to sorry for the late, I've been terrible busy.

No problem.

> Secondly,
> i must say I'm not an expert with the GNU Build system. As i said
> before, I'm with the alterations to the source ready, I've also tested
> it, compiling the getpwnam_auth.c file directly, on Linux, OpenBSD and
> FreeBSD. But couldn't make the to work.

You need to have the correct versions of automake & autoconf installed,
then it should work..

> I altered the
> to check for the shadow.h. I made a patch that changes the
> and getpwnam_auth.c files, but not the whole tree, after a
> So i want to ask you, if i can send the patch as it is
> know, or you want me to retry the thing, and send then a
> patch of the whole tree?

Actually we prefer patches to just the original source files, not the generated stuff. So just send it as-is to and we will look at integrating your changes.

> There is also another problem that could arise, that is, if you include
> the shadow.h, is some systems you need to link your program with the
> libcrypt (-lcrypt). As i saw, the was already checking for
> it, so i didn't messed with it. But need to know if i must change the
> Makefile of the getpwnam directory, to reflect this change.

libcrypt is needed for crypt() on many OS:es. Not exacly shadow
related.. so it's always needed by the getpwnam helper.


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