Ipc::StoreMapAnchor Class Reference

#include <StoreMap.h>

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struct  Basics

Public Member Functions

 StoreMapAnchor ()
void set (const StoreEntry &anEntry)
 store StoreEntry key and basics for an inode slot More...
void setKey (const cache_key *const aKey)
bool sameKey (const cache_key *const aKey) const
void rewind ()
 undo the effects of set(), setKey(), etc., but keep locks and state More...
bool empty () const
bool reading () const
bool writing () const
bool complete () const

Public Attributes

ReadWriteLock lock
 protects slot data below More...
std::atomic< uint8_t > waitingToBeFreed
 may be accessed w/o a lock More...
uint64_t key [2]
 StoreEntry key. More...
struct Ipc::StoreMapAnchor::Basics basics
std::atomic< StoreMapSliceIdstart
 where the chain of StoreEntry slices begins [app] More...
std::atomic< StoreMapSliceIdsplicingPoint

Detailed Description

Maintains shareable information about a StoreEntry as a whole. An anchor points to one or more StoreEntry slices. This is the only lockable part of shared StoreEntry information, providing protection for all StoreEntry slices.

Definition at line 53 of file StoreMap.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ipc::StoreMapAnchor::StoreMapAnchor ( )

Definition at line 726 of file StoreMap.cc.

References basics, and key.

Member Function Documentation

bool Ipc::StoreMapAnchor::complete ( ) const
bool Ipc::StoreMapAnchor::empty ( ) const
bool Ipc::StoreMapAnchor::reading ( ) const
void Ipc::StoreMapAnchor::rewind ( )

Definition at line 761 of file StoreMap.cc.

References assert, and key.

Referenced by Ipc::StoreMap::forgetWritingEntry(), and Ipc::StoreMap::freeChain().

bool Ipc::StoreMapAnchor::sameKey ( const cache_key *const  aKey) const

Definition at line 740 of file StoreMap.cc.

References key.

Referenced by Ipc::StoreMap::freeEntryByKey(), Rock::SwapDir::openStoreIO(), and Rock::Rebuild::sameEntry().

void Ipc::StoreMapAnchor::setKey ( const cache_key *const  aKey)

Definition at line 734 of file StoreMap.cc.

References key.

Referenced by Rock::Rebuild::primeNewEntry().

Member Data Documentation

uint64_t Ipc::StoreMapAnchor::key[2]

Definition at line 81 of file StoreMap.h.

Referenced by empty(), and StoreMapAnchor().

std::atomic<StoreMapSliceId> Ipc::StoreMapAnchor::splicingPoint

where the updated chain prefix containing metadata/headers ends [update] if unset, this anchor points to a chain that was never updated

Definition at line 99 of file StoreMap.h.

Referenced by Ipc::StoreMap::closeForUpdating(), Ipc::StoreMap::freeChain(), and Ipc::StoreMap::openForWritingAt().

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