keeps original I/O request parameters while disker is handling the request

#include <IpcIoFile.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IpcIoPendingRequest (const IpcIoFile::Pointer &aFile)
void completeIo (IpcIoMsg *const response)
 called when response is received and, with a nil response, on timeouts More...

Public Attributes

const IpcIoFile::Pointer file
 the file object waiting for the response More...
 set if this is a read requests More...
 set if this is a write request More...

Private Member Functions

 IpcIoPendingRequest (const IpcIoPendingRequest &d)
IpcIoPendingRequestoperator= (const IpcIoPendingRequest &d)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 150 of file IpcIoFile.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IpcIoPendingRequest::IpcIoPendingRequest ( const IpcIoFile::Pointer aFile)

Definition at line 627 of file

IpcIoPendingRequest::IpcIoPendingRequest ( const IpcIoPendingRequest d)

Member Function Documentation

void IpcIoPendingRequest::completeIo ( IpcIoMsg *const  response)

Definition at line 633 of file

References file, Must, NULL, readRequest, and writeRequest.

Referenced by IpcIoFile::checkTimeouts(), and IpcIoFile::push().

IpcIoPendingRequest& IpcIoPendingRequest::operator= ( const IpcIoPendingRequest d)

Member Data Documentation

const IpcIoFile::Pointer IpcIoPendingRequest::file

Definition at line 159 of file IpcIoFile.h.

Referenced by completeIo().

ReadRequest* IpcIoPendingRequest::readRequest

Definition at line 160 of file IpcIoFile.h.

Referenced by completeIo(), IpcIoFile::push(), and IpcIoFile::read().

WriteRequest* IpcIoPendingRequest::writeRequest

Definition at line 161 of file IpcIoFile.h.

Referenced by completeIo(), IpcIoFile::push(), and IpcIoFile::write().

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